(December 20, 2021) - Chill Brands, the international consumer packaged goods company, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the U.S. Major Arena Soccer League (MASL), to offer the Company’s CBD products to the league and member teams.

The partners will also create the Chill Athlete’s Lab which is designed to explore and implement the use of CBD to help athletes reach their top potential.

The Major Arena Soccer League represents 16 teams across the United States and Mexico. The game is one of the fastest and most skilled versions of soccer played indoors. The high-intensity game’s fast pace, quick turnovers and high scoring matches complement the need to recover post-game with Chill branded products.

Chill Brands provides a choice of CBD infused products to promote rest, relaxation and recovery for active lifestyles. The Company designs products with a mission to help people pursue the mental state of ‘Chill’ and create a balanced lifestyle by rewarding focus, hard work and discipline while focusing on recovery and relaxation after athletic activity.

“We are excited to bring this global brand to our league and member teams. Athlete’s use of CBD for recovery is increasingly important” said Shep Messing, MASL Chairman. “Chill Brand’s partnership and products are an excellent addition and a move that will continue to push the MASL into a future that acknowledges the potential benefits of CBD."

“We call our global community ‘Club Chill’,” said Antonio Russo, Co-CEO and Founder of Chill Brands. “From Bull Riders and Snowmobilers to Hockey players and Musicians, Chill is a diverse community and we are pleased to call the athletes of MASL proud new members of Club Chill.”

The partnership between Chill Brands and MASL was facilitated by M Style Marketing.



About Chill Brands Group PLC

Chill Brands Group plc is an international company focused on the development, production, and distribution of best-in-class hemp-derived CBD products, tobacco alternatives and other consumer packaged goods (CPG) products. The Company operates primarily in the US, where its products are distributed online and via some of the nation's most recognizable convenience retail outlets. The Group's strategy is anchored around lifestyle marketing that is designed to enhance the popularity of its products, channeling visitors to its landmark website.


The Major Arena Soccer League represents the highest level of professional indoor soccer in the world. The MASL features teams across North America, with teams playing coast-to-coast in the United States and Mexico. @MASL_arena, 


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