Dallas Sidekicks Midfielder Clint Ritter Retires

by Alex S

Alex S.


Sidekicks’ Veteran Clint Ritter Announces Retirement

Dallas Sidekicks midfielder Clint Ritter announced he is retiring today after four seasons with the organization. His retirement announcement is below:

“I joined the Dallas Sidekicks through an open tryout four seasons ago. I wanted to continue my playing career and was chomping at the bit to keep it alive. I’m very thankful to Nick Stavrou for seeing something in me and bringing me onboard with the organization at the time. I’m grateful to Simon Bozas for allowing me to participate with the team for the last three active seasons. I would like to thank all of my former coaches and teammates for pushing me to my limits over my club, college, and professional career and helping to mold me into the player I’ve become. I’ve met a lot of great dudes over the years and there are many that I now consider family.

 With that being said, I have made the decision that now is the right time to retire for a few reasons. First, the away schedule for the remainder of the season is uncooperative with my full-time work schedule which would only allow me to participate in home games. I believe that staying with the team with the hope to only participate in home games would be unfair to the guys who are working so hard day in and day out at training. More importantly, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not enjoying myself when I’m on the pitch and I have always told myself that I ever stopped enjoying football at any point of my career, I would call it quits. The game has given me so much and, unfortunately, I just don’t have any more to give back in return. I’m at peace with my decision and look forward to the next chapter whatever it may be.

Huge shouts to my mom and dad who have sacrificed so much so that I could play soccer across the country growing up. I’d also like to thank my brother for always being down to play 1 on 1 in the backyard growing up and teaching me everything I know about soccer. My fiancée, Ash has been by my side throughout college and the professional ranks and I appreciate her support on the good and bad days. Without them, none of this would have been possible. Lastly, huge thanks to the fans for the support of the team over the years. It’s been a pleasure getting to meet you and your families after the games.”

Ritter will be missed by the entire organization, but we know he will succeed in all his future endeavors and he will always be a part of the Dallas Sidekicks' Family.