Round 1 Open Tryouts Complete

by Jessie Vilkofsky

The Sidekicks have completed their first round of open tryouts. Coach Pablo and the staff were able to observe 100 players over the span of 3 hours each day.

Da Silva comments, "The turn out was really well and it was nice to see the amount of players interested in joining our organization. We had 100 players show up during the two day tryout. A few of them have already been invited to the final tryouts alongside the Sidekicks players under contract."

The future looks bright as the Sidekicks are planning ahead for three more tryout options in the upcoming months.  

"I am trying to find the best players to come to our team," says Da Silva. "That is why I am going to travel to a few different cities so I can see as many players as possible. I was very happy with the try out overall. We had a good showing with the level of potential that we were able to watch. I am very excited to keep looking for potential players to be on the final roster."