Sidekicks Fall Short Against the Kansas City Comets

by Jason Young

The Sidekicks played their second home game vs. Kansas City Comets on December 11. The Sidekicks are hungry for a win after coming off of a 4-8 loss on their home opener. 

The Sidekicks started off strong in the 1st quarter 1-0 up with a goal from Oscar Romero assisted by David Ortiz. The Sidekicks remained dominant in the 1st quarter and ended the quarter 1-0 up. 

The Sidekicks go down 1-2 with goals from Comet players, Leo Gibson and Lucas Sousa in the 2nd quarter. Going into the locker room at halftime, Dallas Sidekicks goalkeeper, Juan Gamboa, said “We just need to start playing our game and control the ball a little bit more, and the chances will come.”

The Sidekicks fall to 1-4 with 2 goals from Comet player, Leo Gibson. Sidekicks answered back with a goal in the 12th minute to make the score 2-4 by Felipe De Sousa. The third quarter ended 2-5 after another goal by Comet player, Lucas Sousa, in the 14th minute. 

Luiz Morales quickly answered with a goal in the 2nd minute of the 4th quarter to make the score 3-5. John Sosa from the Comets scores and puts the Comets up 3-6. Bradlee Baladez gives the Sidekicks hope with a 14th minute goal to make the score 4-6, assisted by Luiz Morales. The game ends with a 4-6 loss for the Dallas Sidekicks.