Sidekicks lose Second Game of Weekend Doubleheader Series to Heat

by Caitlin Reilly

Harrisburg, PA (March 10, 2024) – The Dallas Sidekicks faced the Harrisburg Heat for the second part of their weekend doubleheader series on Sunday night. On Saturday night, the Sidekicks beat the Heat 5-2.

The Sidekicks continued the winning from last night into the beginning of the first quarter on Sunday night when Jamie Lovegrove scored two minutes into the game. However, it wasn’t long when Heat player, Roshawn Panton responded seconds later from Lovegrove’s goal. 36 seconds after the Heat tied it up, they got the lead after Malcolm Harris scored. At minute 10:35, Sidekicks forward David Texeria scored tying the game at 2. In the final minute of the quarter, Malcolm Harris scored back-to-back goals giving him an early hat trick. At the end of the quarter, the score was 2-4.

The Heat continued their scoring streak in the second quarter with goals by Andrea DiSomma in the fourth minute and Dominic Francis in the seventh minute. The Sidekicks finally ended the scoring streak at minute 9:04 when Yahir Romero scored. Two minutes later, Roshawn Panton scored again making it his second Heat goal. At the end of the second quarter, the score was 3-7.

Unlike the first and second quarters with a total of 10 goals, the third quarter only had one goal. Sidekicks forward, Anthony Powell scored late into the quarter making the score now 4-7.

Despite the lack of goal-scoring in the third quarter, the fourth quarter also brought a lot of goals. 29 seconds into the quarter, the Heat added to their lead with a goal scored by Dominic Francis. At 1:43, the Sidekicks went a man down after Kristian Quintana made a reckless tackle resulting in a Heat Power Play. The Heat took advantage of this and scored in the third minute. The goal was scored by Ty Hall. The Heat continued their score streak in the eighth minute when Elton de Oliveira scored. Late into the quarter, Sidekicks midfielder, Oscar Romero scored, but seconds later the Heat responded with a goal now by Josiah Ramirez. In the last minute of the game, Jamie Lovegrove scored making the final score 6-11.

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